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Yesterday something really shitty happened. Due to the nature of the way I live my life on live-video this incident was captured live on Periscope.

I need to write this blog post. I am so overhwhelmed by the hundreds of messages of support, emails, tweets, snaps from my community and I want to be open and honest with you all about what happened. I thought about doing a live-stream on Periscope to answer your questions but my heart just is not up for Periscoping today.

What Happened

Every morning I walk from my house to the tube station to go to work and grab a coffee on the way. For nearly a year and a half I have used this time to do a Periscope broadcast dubbed my ‘coffee-scope’ where I interact with my community and catch-up daily. Yesterday I left at a normal time for me and started my Periscope broadcast at 8.09am. There are usually a lot of people around at that time of the morning in London and it was already daylight out.

A few minutes later my mobile phone was snatched violently from my hand by a thug on a bicycle. My Periscope broadcast was still live as he put my phone into his pocket and cycled off into the distance. I cannot imagine how frightening this must have been for my live viewers, including my mother. They heard my frightened scream and then the screen went black. Until the thug took the phone out of his pocket and turned it off. I have watched the Periscope replay over and over and it scares me so much.

It all happened so quickly. I felt a mixture of fear and confusion. I knew as soon as I saw this person cycle on the sidewalk up close to me and looked at what part of his face was visible – he was a bad person. He scared me. I use a phone grip on my phone so thought I had a reasonably good hold of the device. My earphones were also connected. The force with which he grabbed the phone meant I had no chance to keep a hold of it. My earphones were left dangling. Many of my Periscope viewers have sent me screenshots of the thug taken from the end of the broadcast which I have shared with the police. Thank you so much guys, I have no idea how you were all able to get such a clear screenshot!

Thankfully I was not hurt in any way. I was shocked though and I am still very shaken by what happened. This was on my normal everyday commute, in an area I felt incredibly safe in. I know we need to be vigilant but nobody expects something like that to happen in the morning time.

What also surprised me was that nobody came to my help. I shouted ‘that man took my phone‘ and I tried to run after him stupidly. Nobody even glanced up. London life is so busy we don’t notice what is going on in our surroundings. I had to tap a man on the shoulder and ask to use his phone to call the police. The police took over an hour to come to me which I thought was pretty useless. They did explain though that the crime does not take priority as there was no injury and of course, that is understandable. It also means however that these thugs get away with doing this on a daily basis. Apparently it is a notoriously common form of attack in London. My mam stayed on the phone with me (via FaceTime on my macbook) while I cried and cried.

I wanted to reassure my viewers that this was NOT a targeted attack. Many people were worried that the thug targeted me because I do my daily Periscope in that area and my location is quite visibile. This was not the case. These gangs of thugs target rush-hour in the mornings and evening and will cycle around snatching phones. Apparently mine was the third phone that guy had taken that morning. It is reassuring to know it was not targeted and just a random opportunistic crime. I also want to confirm to you all that I have used Find my iPhone to erase the device.

The important thing is that I was not physically hurt. I have heard even worse horror stories about crimes of this nature so I feel very lucky that I was not injured. I was and still am, in shock. I am out of pocket due to having to buy a new phone. It could however have been a lot worse.

Currently I do not feel like I can continue my daily coffee-scope which deeply saddens me. It was my favourite time of every day and you guys always made sure my day got off to a great start. I know a lot of people look to me for Periscope advice and tips and I do not want to condone something that might be potentially dangerous. Please be careful of where you are Periscoping and be as aware of your surroundings as possible. We all need to be safe while using live-streaming apps in public. I will be back soon and we will have a new daily broadcast format once I get over what happened yesterday.

Watch the Periscope broadcast here with the mugging from after 03:50.

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for the concern and love you have all shown me. It means more than you can ever know.


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  1. Bec Boop
    I am glad you are safe.
    This could have happened anytime.
    There are bad people everywhere.
    I am saddened no one came to your assistance, I think this is another reason why thugs are so brazen. All I can hope is that maybe they feared their own safety.
    But to be honest I think it was just a case of
    ‘ it doesn’t affect me’
    if I was behind you I would have shoved him off his bike.
    I’d have helped you.
    Don’t let a random thug change how you live your life.
    Living in London you are surrounded by millions of people of course some of them are going to be unsavoury.
    We are all just so thankful you were not physically hurt.
    We await your periscope return. Because you are the queen of periscope and the Boop Troop love and miss you.
    You do what is right for you .
    But don’t let one thug take away what you love.
    Your periscope family and your real family love and care about you.
    Sending love and a big hug

    1. Terrifying to listen to, but worse to have experienced it. I am so sorry. I was not aware your Mom was in the scope….that must have been horrifying. Sending love and safety from your Periscope family to you and your family.

  2. Aww the words from a mum, your mum, no truer!
    Time will heal what has been taken. Sometimes in life, bad things happen so we can appreciate all the good we have. Today, I hope the love you feel from your family, Peri family, boop troop and friends suffocate those invading feeling from the perpetrator.
    I look forward to seeing you live again. Honestly, it’s a highlight of my day. You bring so much joy to this world. Thank you!
    Much love from Ohio!
    Melissa Bauman

  3. Dear Bec. I love you and adore your scopes so much. You could scope in a dark room and I would watch because you are so interesting, funny and beautiful. You define the new modern woman that works travels and does it all in the most beautiful way. In a way you remind me of Lucille Ball the red headed movie star who made everyone laugh because her daily life with Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnez) was so funny. I for one want you to be safe. You are right too take some time off to get use to this new normal. The Boop troop will always be here for you and we will wait for your fashion and travel broadcast to resume again. All my love and grateful that you are alright.

  4. “nobody came to my help” – which is why I’m so disappointed in that nation, especially when I have to do with it over here. Coward & hypocrite. On High Street in Galway or in the Beacon Plaza in Sandyford, I would’ve beaten the freakin’ crap off the thug.

    Also, probably, the scope can be replayed only on mobile devices.

  5. I just now fully got the whole story about what happenedto you Bec. Even though I don’t watch your scopes often , I do admire your presence as a fashionista and bright light on Periscope.
    I am sending you a heartfelt hug, as I am saddened that your personal space and property was invaded in such a horrible episode of your life. As a fellow Londoner, I say I’m quite disappointed that no one helped you. Looking forward, be safe and strong in your being.

  6. I’m happy you are ok. I was on live and yes it was very scary. I didn’t know what to do. My first thought was omg I need to tweet Ron so he can get ahold of you asap and that he’s aware. At that point we didn’t know if you were alright or not. I totally understand your apprehension to do scopes moving forward. It must have been such a scary moment for you. I’m glad you are safe. Things can be replaced but there’s only one boop so I’m happy at least that you are well. Big hugs!!

  7. So thankful that you are OK! That was some scary shit. I logged on just to see if you were OK and then I saw the tweet. I understand that you are afraid but I wouldn’t let it stop my regular routine if I were you. You are wiser now because of the event so it could never happen again. Stay amazing and have a great day.

  8. Rebecca , it’s easy for someone to say, that you are wiser now ..I’m referring to Pams comments. This is not like fall off a horse and jump back on the wasn’t just that the thief caught you off guard leaving you feeling helpless and hopeless not to mention the fear, but also at the mercy of the actions or rather ( non action ) of those who witnessed the ordeal but for whatever inexcusable reasons didn’t readily offer assistance nor did anyone person stay by your side while you waited for authorities..even though you were visibly shaken.Most disappointed in that .I know your mama was feeling the most helpless of us all . We will miss your beautiful vibrant coffee scopes but rest assured our biggest concern is your safety and well being. Please allow yourself the time to process and heal . Warmest Regards, Isabel

  9. I am so sorry for what you went through but relieved you are ok physically if not emotionally. I hope talking about this on this post has helped you.

  10. I am just so thankful your safe but know your shook and take the time you need. And to your Mom HUGS!!!!too our children and their safety is always on our minds. I know with both my kids living and working in Orlando and the horrible incident that took place there has really made me worry more.. but we must let the fly free with their talents and Bec is an amazing beautiful smart young woman.. again stay safe Bec you are so loved…

  11. Must of been frightening so glad you are not hurt. Annoyed no one help you but it seems the norm today. Loved your scopes. But you will be back i am sure. Just take care.

  12. Thanks for letting us know more about what happened and that you were unhurt. So upsetting for you! I usually don’t see your scopes live but I was up unusually late and happened to catch this one as you began. I feared something terrible had happened so I was very relieved to see your tweet a short time later saying you were ok!

    I have visited central London as a tourist a couple of times and I felt very safe but randomly bad things can happen almost anywhere I suppose. Stay safe. We will be happy to see you again whenever you choose to resume your scopes.

    Very best wishes from Dallas.

  13. Bec thanks so much for posting about this on your blog, and sharing your experience about this. I rarely catch your morning scopes live because I should be sleeping at that time, but this was the first one I actually did, just about 60 seconds before the attack and I was in shock and so concerned about your well being, although I don’t know you personally and you are on the other side of the planet, but that is the beauty of Scopers, to have created this new sort of community and friendship. Kept looking for scopes about you and caught Ron’s assuring us you were ok, but was thinking you weren’t going to want to resume those coffee scopes anymore and can totally see why. We could always do coffee from your flat in the morning, lol! And catch your more random scopes of things like the fashion shows, when you feel safe and have something you want to share with us! Hugs to you, no matter what you decide, your Scope and other media friends will be there for you!

  14. Bec, Thank you for taking time to share with your viewers what happened. I heard from Ron about the incident. I was so sad and concerned about your safety. Even though he said you were ok, I watched your last scope to see. It was very upsetting to watch it happening in real time, and I am so grateful you explained what happened. I am so glad you are ok and can completely understand your reluctance to scope that same walk again in the mornings. Sending you hugs and love for your emotional healing. You are an awesome person with a beautiful heart.

  15. Hiya Bec Boop,

    I knew something was up when I had’nt seen your London scope for the past couple of mornings.

    I just seen on your snap chat what happened to u on Tuesday morning & I’m so sorry that happened to u but I’m delighted that you are ok.

    Please take good care of yourself.

  16. Bec my friend. Take care of you right now and remember we are all here for you if you want to talk about your ordeal. You know how to reach out to all of us. When you can, go somewhere you are comfortable or even in your home, sit and talk with us. Let us all help you get through this terrible ordeal. Talking about traumatic circumstances leads to healing. We all want to help you. Talk with us in a different place at a different time, where you can spend time with us. Make it a private scope for certain people you trust more. Anyway you want but do it. Talk it out. Don’t keep this locked inside. We all can be there for you to be a shoulder. The Boop Troop love you and want to help you ❤️
    I really care my friend. I am also a trained therapist. I’m a retired pastoral care Minister.

  17. I watched the replay and my heart dropped! I immediately stopped and prayed for you as you continued your day. Although I can’t watch you live on the “coffee scope” I always enjoyed the replays. I am so glad you were not hurt! Love and prayers!!

  18. Hi Rebecca,
    I’m so sorry about what happened. You are a great person and a great scoper.
    I’m so relieved to know you are okay.
    Please be kind to yourself
    Best wishes to you from Vancouver

  19. I am so glad that you were not hurt Please, please, please…..and this comment is to ALL WOMEN. …please….when you broadcast…..for your own safety and that of anyone near you…..keep your LOCATION OFF. When it’s left on, anyone can pinpoint where you are, even in your home or job. You never know what kind of people are viewing or around you, so please be VERY aware of your surroundings, and ladies, keep your location turned OFF. Always, always, always!!!

  20. Hi Bec boop so sorry for what happened to you if I was there I would protect you.I love watching youre scopes and youre such a joy to watch every morning unfortunately I cant watch all youre scopes live because its 3am at Jersey shore when youre on live I should be sleeping so I can get up for work in the morning.I hope you get phone insurance on new phone so they can replace it free.I hope you will scopes from home and indoors fashion shows. Also evening scopes better because Us American Bec Boop troop watchers would be able to watch.Also please dont put on location on.I remember watching you scope Central Park said to myself hope she doesnt get mugged.You have to be very careful you are so special to us when I saw what happened I prayed to God you were alright.Please be safe and happy dont let them take away youre joy you bring to world.I would love to see British and Ireland countryside from the trains but dont show phone on subway.Also love to see English gardens especially in spring and Chelsesa garden shows. Also mens fashions shows and maybe high end mens stores in Central London.Well looking forward to Walt Disney scopes in Feb.Are u going to Miami South beach and Key West?? they are fun places. Well take care and be You are very pretty surprised youre not a Fashion Model.Much love to you and yours.May God Bless you and safe travels.

  21. Oh no. So sorry to hear this.

    Unfortunately this is a very common crime locally in Camden and Islington. I know this because I am on my safer neighbourhood team panel in Islington.

    There are certain hotspots that the criminals (mostly young people riding bicycles on the pavement) target, and times of day as you mentioned.

    Take care of yourself.

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