jivesse marine collagen skincare review
Jivesse marine skincare review
Jivesse marine collagen cream blog review
Jivesse marine collagen capsules
I was recently invited to the iconic London pharmacy John Bell & Croyden to celebrate the arrival of Jivesse marine collagen skincare range in-store. This coincided with the recent announcement ofTV presenter Anna Williamson as Jivesse brand ambassador. I must say John Bell & Croydon is one impressive pharmacy! Located close to Oxford Circus it is one of the oldest and renowned pharmacies in England, holding the royal warrant as pharmacist to Her Majesty The Queen no less! After hearing more about Jivesse skincare from both Anna Williamson and the Jivesse team I left eager to try out the marine collagen skincare regime which it is famed for.

Jivesse Marine Collagen Cream*

This was my first introduction to Jivesse as I have not used the skincare products previously. Jivesse products contain a combination of ingredients designed to boost collagen production and reduce the formation of wrinkles. I am a believer in prevention is better than cure so I often incorporate anti-ageing products into my skincare regime regardless of the fact that I am still in my twenties.
Jivesse marine collagen cream along with containing collagen and argierline (a cosmetic alternative to botox) is fortified with anti-oxidants like Vitamin C to keep the skin firm. The 50ml cream comes in an airless container to ensure purity, with an easy to dispense pump.

My Thoughts

Jivesse marine collagen cream has been such a welcome addition to my evening skincare routine. Although recommended for use both morning and night I have been enjoying using it as the last step in my skincare routine before bed. The cream is rich and svery moisturising on the skin. I have also found it to be great for sensitive skin. At £80 I would consider this on the higher end of my skincare budget but I also believe moisturising is key when it comes to retaining the skin’s youth and so this is an area I would always invest in.
jivesse marine collagen skincare review
 I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Have you tried Jivesse skincare before? Let me know your thoughts.

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