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It is recommended to change your hair treatment products regularly so I jumped at the opportunity to try out Unite Hair Products recently following my visit to Blo Blow Dry Bar in Covent Garden, London. I can honestly say my hair has never looked better! Read on to find out why I love these little hair treats.
Unite hair products blog review
Unite hair products blog review
Unite hair products blog review
Unite hair products blog review
This was my first time being introduced to the range. I thought my hair looked and felt amazing after my trip to the Blow Dry Bar (they use exclusively Unite hair products) so I was thrilled to bring them home and try them out. I received a little goodie bag which contained the sample-size moisturising shampoo*, moisturising conditioner*, 7Seconds Condition*, Boosta Spray* and “Boing” Curling Cream*. You guys have really been complimenting my hair on Periscope this week and I definitely think it’s down to these little products I’ve been using – now my secret’s out. 
The shampoo and conditioner are paraben free, they also create shine and replenish moisture and I can certainly vouch for that. My hair looks and feels super healthy and shiny and I love it!  This is due to the fact that the product promote natural shine. 
Next I tried the detangler. I usually like to use a leave-in conditioner in my hair so I was excited to see the results of the Unite one. This is actually a thermal protector too which I thought was great. I’m guilty of usually using my GHD or curling wand far too much so my hair needs all the extra protection it can get. The Boosta Spray is used to add volume before styling and finally the Curling Cream is applied to add some curls to your style before drying our allowing to dry naturally.

They smell delish too which is something I always look for when deciding on a new hair product! Major deciding factor there. After using the Unite Hair products I definitely had that ‘just-left-the-salon’ feel which is something so many brands promise but fail to deliver on.

Unite hair products blog review

I’d love to hear from any of you who have tried Unite Hair Products. Let’s chat in the comments below.

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