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I did a little shopping at the weekend and spent a good half hour in the Body Shop on Oxford Street deliberating over my purchases only to reach the conclusion that yes – every product was absolutely a necessity 🙂 I had originally only intended to pick up the Shea hand cream but when I arrived at the counter I was informed that there was a ‘Buy One, Get One half Price’ offer so I also picked up the Moringa hand cream. Who can resist a good offer eh?
My hands are an area I’ve often neglected when it comes to skincare but I have been making a conscious effort to improve this so I think it’s about time I incorporate a hand cream into my skincare regime and these Body Shop ones make the perfect addition to my handbag. 

My Thoughts

With the Body Shop we have come to expect high quality skincare products and I can safely say I have never been disappointed in this regard. Although the packaging doesn’t overly appeal to me (I’m a sucker for cute, girly packaging) I can rest assured that the product inside will be reliable and a true treat. Since I have been using the L’Occitane Shea Nail & Cuticle oil on a weekly basis I thought I would try out the Shea hand cream first. You can see from the photographs above that this is a white gel-cream and it also has a pleasant, nutty scent. What was key for me here is that the hand cream is fast absorbing as this is what had deterred me from using hand creams as frequently as I should have been. Thankfully this absorbed super quickly and there was no greasy feel to my hands following use.   
The Maringa hand cream is a slightly yellow gel-cream which again dries almost instantly leaving hands feeling super soft. I really liked the floral scent, it is quite feminine and nice to apply on-the-go. 
At just £3.50 per hand cream (30ml) these are excellent value daily hand creams. I can definitely see myself trying more of this range, the pink grapefruit hand cream and coconut hand cream are calling out my name. 

Have you tried any of the Body Shop Hand Cream range? Let me know in the comments what you thought.
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