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Let’s start the week with an instant eye care fix coming to you from the Drops of Youth range at the Body Shop. Living in London is amazing and all but there’s no doubt about it – my eyes are starting to feel the strain of early commutes, long working days at the laptop and late night blogging. I mentioned last week that I picked up some products recently from the Body Shop and this eye concentrate was one of them.
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The Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate

I really wanted to try some of the new Drops of Youth range and had been on the hunt for a new eye care product so ended up picking up this one. Can I just say that the staff in the Body Shop on Oxford Street were so nice, really helpful which can be a rarity on the High Street. The Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate comes in a long cylinder like container with a roller-ball applicator. It contains Edelweiss plant stem cells which refresh the eye contour and smooths lines, bags and fatigue for younger-looking eyes.

My Thoughts

I love the packaging and it really is super easy to use. You simply press down (see image below) and a small amount of the gel-like substance appears on the roller-ball applicator. The Body Shop recommend applying it in a figure of eight shape around your eyes and gently pat in any excess fluid. Firstly I found that the amount of gel that appears when you press the applicator is far too much so you really need to press down gently so that you have a smaller amount to apply. At that rate the product would be used up far too quickly for you to really get any benefit from it. With a smaller amount on the roller-ball it’s just perfect. The ball really cools and massages your skin so it’s a nice treat. I love to use it in the mornings to give my eyes a much-needed wake up. It abosorbs into your skin really fast too making it great for that morning rush.
The effect is noticeable after a few seconds as the skin around the eye area becomes taut. This is an indicator that the product is working and I have to say the result was quite noticeable. I’m very conscious of any lines around my eyes especially since I know I don’t get the required 8 hours sleep per night so as a short-term fix I thought this was brilliant. I use the eye concentrate in the mornings before applying my moisturiser and although I don’t believe the result is in any way long-lasting I think it’s brilliant for a quick fix. The Body Shop have so many other products targeted at more long lasting results and I think this is quite different to a lot of eye care products in the market. 
I would most likely re-purchase this as on a whole I’m super happy with it. Keep an eye on the Bec Boop YouTube channel as it may appear in my favourites video at the end of the month and will definitely be featured in my May haul video. At £18 it is a little pricey so I’m interested to find out how far this tube of eye concentrate will last.
the body shop roll on eye concentrate

What’s your favourite instant eye care fix? Let’s get chatting in the comments below.

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  1. Let me know if you end up trying it 🙂 I think I'll go for the bouncy face mask next, it looks great.

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