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I recently started the Invisalign Invisible Braces treatment with David McConville Orthodontics. When I first mentioned over on Facebook that I was getting Invisalign I received quite a lot of questions so I thought I would film a short video for the Bec Boop YouTube channel explaining my reasons for getting Invisalign Invisible Braces and what to expect when starting this treatment.
Bec Boop starts invisalign invisible braces treatment
I’ve been uncomfortable with my teeth for as far back as I can remember. In all honesty they are not that bad, it’s moreso a personal thing, hence why I am always pouting in my Instagram Selfies. I’m so happy at the prospect of smiling a big toothy smile and know that Invisalign is the best way for me to achieve this. Traditional braces would probably make me even more self conscious so this was never an option for me as I need to speak with clients on a regular basis and for filming YouTube videos. I had my initial consultation with David McConville Orthodontics a short while back which I mentioned in a January blog post. I’ve heard so many fantastic reviews about McConville Orthodontics and knew after I visited for my first consultation that I definitely wanted to get Invisalign with them, regardless of the fact that I was planning on moving to London. I’ve had absolutely no difficulty in getting back to the Sligo practice for my consultations with regular flights from London to Ireland West Airport Knock, it’s easy! Everyone there is so nice and professional, it’s a pleasure to go to the dentist for a change! 
In today’s video I’ve explained in a bit more detail my reasons for getting Invisalign Braces and what the process looks like up until the point of actually commencing the treatment. I’ve also shown you a little look at what was inside my Invisalign Invisible Braces Starter Pack.
Bec Boop Invisalign
Do let me know in the comments below if you have any other questions about getting Invisalign and if you would like to see some regular update videos from me about my Invisalign Progress.
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