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It’s a Saturday morning so I thought I would share my Saturday Morning Makeup Routine with you! I filmed this video for the Bec Boop YouTube channel and I’d love to know what you think.
Bec Boop saturday makeup routine
This is my casual Saturday makeup routine when I’ve no exciting plans in particular – just doing my Saturday thing which usually involves getting my nails done, working on my blog, doing a bit of shopping and meeting friends. I’ve included a mix of drugstore and high-end products in my daily routine because these are the products I would use on a daily basis. I’ve also used some products which I’ve previously reviewed here on the blog and included all links to shop my makeup routine and read my reviews in the description box over on YouTube.

Bec Boop saturday makeup routine
Bec Boop saturday makeup routine

Shop Bec Boop’s Saturday Morning Makeup Routine

I’d love to know what your Saturday morning makeup routine looks like, share your posts or videos with me in the comments below.
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