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If you’re a blogger you’ve more than likely considered the idea of organising your own blog meet-up event. Or perhaps you’ve been involved in organising a fashion show or charity event. Well today’s post is one for all you potential event planners! I’m introducing you to the new Italian event story-telling app – Metooo in a blog feature which explains exactly how this tool can be utilised by event-planners worldwide. “Click to View Post” under the image to continue reading…
Metooo event app

Perhaps you’ve considered the idea, felt overwhelmed and quickly scrapped the event planning idea again. Having organised and hosted a number of blog and fashion events over the last number of years I know all too well, the importance of having everything under control and to be honest I’m always happy to accept the assistance of friends and family when it comes down to the planning. That being said, everyone has such a busy schedule lately and I’d absolutely love to have a one-stop tool to assist with managing the event. Metooo seems to tick all these boxes.


Metooo is an Italian based event-planning app which is available worldwide and currently has over 5,000 users signed up to the Beta website. The tool follows the three step process to event planning:

 Build – Share – Boost.

How to Use it

Simply log on to the website and click ‘Build your Event’ to get started. You can log in through Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ and this enables you to set up a Metooo account. Using Metooo you can set up an event, create a customized webpage to give the event an overall professional feel, manage your agenda/schedule and add information, pictures, notes & videos. Ticket sales for the event can then be booked directly through the tool.


One of the awesome points about Metooo is that the basic version of the tool is completely free!

First Impressions

As I am currently in the process of moving to London I haven’t got any events planned at the moment. I did however browse the website in great detail and consulted with the Company President Riccardo Romeo on the exact features of Metooo. I love the whole dynamic feel to the app and definitely think this would make any event more enticing to potential attendees. There’s fantastic potential to boost attendance at events through use of Metooo. Personally I think this has a much more professional look to it and is so much more interactive than the current Facebook event pages app. I also think the promotional aspect of the tool is really great as you can send event invitations direct to your email contacts who may be of interest. This will make event promoting so much easier! With plans for a mobile app towards the end of January 2015 too this is one for event-planners to keep an eye on. There are also exciting plans in the pipeline to launch this tool over the next few months. Premium features will be added in February 2015 with an iOs for live events app being launched in March 2015.

If you would like any more information on Metooo just comment below and I’ll try and find an answer for you. Alternatively you can check out the Metooo website, Facebook page or Twitter.

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