The CRAIC in Galway Post Christmas Party

THE CRAIC IN GALWAY post christmas party
Taking a quick break from the audit to blog about The CRAIC in Galway Post-Christmas Party! The fabulous team at the CRAIC invited me along to their Post-Christmas Party which took place in the Clayton Hotel, Galway last Saturday. Let me start by saying having your Christmas Party after Christmas is the best idea ever! It was great to have something else to look forward to when everyone else had stopped celebrating and really started 2014 with a bang! I have been super busy in work lately so it was fantastic to take a break for the night!
The CRAIC in Galway is a Galway based fortnightly magazine which I am proud to be involved with as fashion writer. The magazine has given me so many amazing opportunities and I love writing about my favourite fashion topics each fortnight to share with readers. I also feature Galway based fashion bloggers in the street-style section so you never know when you might spot yourself in the magazine! The team behind the CRAIC are really just the best CRAIC ever! I love this crew! Darius Ivan (CRAIC creator, photographer, designer) Avril Horan (editor), Sunny Juddy (Designer/Stylist), Miguel Maza (designer) and Michael O’Toole – we really took the word party to the extreme 🙂
I wore a pink Lipsy drape style dress with rose-gold accessories. I am really loving matching everything to my rose-gold Michael Kors watch now! My Schuh burgundy velvet heels completed the look and contrasted nicely with the pink dress.
Thank you to the CRAIC in Galway for a brilliant night and here’s to 2014 for the CRAIC in Galway! Don’t forget to head over to facebook and give The CRAIC in Galway page a LIKE.
THE CRAIC IN GALWAY post christmas party
THE CRAIC IN GALWAY post christmas party
THE CRAIC IN GALWAY post christmas party
THE CRAIC IN GALWAY post christmas party
All photos by div media

Do you think the idea of a Post-Christmas Party sounds like fun?
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