New Year, New Advertisers

Happy New Year! Let me introduce you to the January advertisers on Bec Boop.

Cleanse Off Mitt

If you have not yet heard about Cleanse Off Mitt, you must be living under a rock! This simple beauty product has taken the Irish Beauty Bloggers world by storm. We all know that face wipes are a no-go area when it comes to make-up removal but how about if you were to use nothing but water to remove your make-up! It’s possible with the Cleanse Off Mitt! The Cleanse Off Mitt is being launched this month in Irish salons and pharmacies (and there is also UK interest!). The mitt is designed to remove all traces of make-up without the need for cleanser. Quick, affordable and re-usable. Each mitt has an estimated life-span of 3 months making it very cost-effective. I have been using the mitt over the festive period as it is fantastic for a quick make-up removal after a night out! The full review will be published on Bec Boop later this week. In the meantime check out the Cleanse Off Mitt facebook page here, follow on Twitter @Cleanseoffmitt and visit the website

Dress-Addicted Law Girl

Dress-Addicted Law Girl is Kel Lynch’s blog and insight into her world. Kel is a final year Law student and blogs about fashion, beauty, travel, sport and business so there is something for everybody over on Dress-Addicted Law Girl. I had the pleasure of meeting Kel at the Galway Bloggers Party last September and have been following her blog ever since! You will be excited to know that the first guest post on Dress-Addicted Law Girl is coming up so be sure to check out this blog HERE. She also has some new and exciting plans in place for 2014 which will be unveiled over on the blog. You can like Dress-Addicted Law Girl on facebook here, follow on Twitter @dressaddictgirl, follow on Instagram @dressaddictedlawgirl or email at if you would like to get in touch.

Heels With Style

Heels With Style is the unique way to add style to your heels, beautiful hand-painted shoes and accessories. For the person who wants that individual look this is the place to go. I love how cute these accessories look and can add some excitement to even a simple pair of stilettos. Heels With Style have brought shoe accessorising to a whole new level. Please check out the Facebook page here where you can browse the beautiful accessories and get in touch with the team.
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