Cleanse Off Mitt – Review

Cleanse Off Mitt Blog Review
Before Christmas I was kindly sent the newest beauty product in Ireland to review – the Cleanse Off Mitt. I have never seen the beauty blogging world react so positively to a new product, my timeline was full of Cleanse Off Mitt support tweets and their hashtag #campaignbinthewipes. I was genuinely looking forward to trying out this product and am excited to share this review with you as the product is launching in Ireland this very month!
The concept behind the Cleanse Off Mitt is basically that it is a skincare product designed to enable you to remove all traces of make-up without the need for a cleanser. The mitt fits like a glove over your hand and can be used in a similar manner to a facecloth. Make-up is removed using just water and the mitt!

First Thoughts

My make-up removal routine usually consists of Nivea gentle eye make-up remover used with cotton pads and Garnier sensitive skin cleanser, also used with cotton pads to remove the rest of my make-up. As you can imagine I go through a lot of cotton pads! After a night out I would sometimes reach for the dreaded face-wipes too…I admit it! So this one-product fix really appealed to me. I thought it would be excellent for nights away or travel as it is so small and compact and there is no need to bring bottles of cleanser with you! I work away a lot and so this sounded like something I would use.

Cleanse Off Mitt Blog Review


The product worked exactly as described! The tiny micro-fibres on the mitt really do remove all traces of make-up. I was surprised to find that it was even suitable for use around the delicate eye-area. It really could not be any better for your skin when you consider it – no chemicals, hygienic, hypoallergenic and reusable. As someone with sensitive skin I found this was the ideal product to use. It did not leave my skin with any redness or dry sensation as can sometimes happen with make-up removal products. I used it to remove my normal day-time make-up which consists of a base, lots of mascara and light eye-shadows. As you can see from the ‘after’ image above all of my make-up was removed with the mitt. After use it was really easy to wash the mitt just using normal hand soap it was as good as new again! There is a nifty little hook to enable the mitt to be hung easily to dry too.

Product Info

The Cleanse Off Mitt will be launching in Irish salons and pharmacies in January 2014 and is currently available to purchase for only €5 from the Beauty Emporium HERE. The lifespan of the mitt is approximately 3 months which makes it a great skincare investment…think of the money you will save on cleansers/wipes/cotton pads during that period!

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I’d love to hear your thoughts, are you convinced? Do you think you might be tempted to bin the wipes in exchange for this mitt?

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