Christmas Jumper Creativity

Last Friday we had a Christmas Jumper competition in the office in work to raise money for charity. This was a great way for everyone to really get into the festive spirit as it was the day most people were finishing work for the holidays. So here is a look at what I wore:
I really wanted a non-traditional Christmas Jumper and I fell instantly in love with this blue jumper I picked up in A|Wear. I definitely think A|Wear have the best selection of Christmas Jumpers this year. I added some creativity to the jumper by sticking on white tinsel and silver glitter bows. There was a mini fashion show in the office and a vote was held then to decide the winner. I was thrilled to be announced as the winner and received this lovely chocolate Santa as my prize.
Here is a better look at the jumper without the 3D effects.
Did you wear a Christmas Jumper yet this year? Are you a Christmas Jumper fan?

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