Dual Nation (Up-and-coming Jewellery Label)

For the first jewellery feature on Bec Boop Fashionista World I am excited to take a look at an up and coming jewellery label – Dual Nation Jewellery. These beautiful pieces are designed and hand-made by Zoë Alexandria Richardson. I love the colours and the unique look of the items. The brand focuses on handmade, statement pieces and draws inspiration from British and Australian heritage hence the name – Dual Nation. I love that the products are not mass produced and therefore appeal to my sense of individuality when it comes to jewellery. I think beaded necklaces and funky statement jewellery make any outfit look unique and I admit I have not seen anything in the jewellery market like these pieces before. 
What really draws my attention to this jewellery label is the detail in the descriptions on the online store. The pieces represent meanings from ancient international cultures. I have one favourite blue gold-stone beaded necklace which I love to wear to work if I am having a stressed out week as the stone has anti-stress properties (in fact I am wearing it in the header photo on this blog!). This is why I love this range, it is great looking pretty with a new piece of jewellery and it is even better when it has additional properties/representations. For instance, the first statement ring below shows a sequence of two men fighting and the description says it can be used to draw strength when it is most needed.
Another intriguing aspect of this jewellery label is that they are also willing to complete one-off pieces and commissions. I think these pieces would make a great gift idea to mark a special occasion.  The collection can be purchased from the online store at ASOS with prices ranging from €5 to €30 making them extremely affordable. If you hurry there is currently a 20% off offer online!
What do you think of the items below? Gorge or what? It will be interesting to see how this label develops over the next year.
Dual Nation Jewellery ring Blog
Statement ring (two men fighting) €17.25

Dual Nation Jewellery - bracelets - Blog
Beetle charm bracelet (It’s the little things) €9.78

Dual Nation Jewellery ring - Blog
Statement ring (Japanese fruit bearing flora) €17.25

Dual Nation Jewellery - necklace - blog
Statement necklace (Keberchet the wandering goddess) €29.90

Dual Nation earrings blog
‘Beset the Protector’ statement earrings €18.40

Dual Nation charm bracelet - blog
Japanese head charm bracelet (Kuwat the Strong) €16.10


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  1. OMG I freakin luv these and the price point. where is my nearest stockist.
    great find Becboopfashionista

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