Happy Monday BoopTroop! One week into 2018 and I’ve had time to think about the small lifestyle changes I want to make this year. Ideally I wanted this post to cover 18 lifestyle changes I would make in 2018 but it’s important to be realistic. I decided to set some small lifestyle changes that are achievable but which will still help me on this journey to maintain a happy lifestyle.

2018 Lifestyle Changes


  1. Bringing a packed lunch – I was shocked when I calculated how much money I was spending each week on my lunch while at work. London is pricey and the convenience of Pret, itsu and the likes had made it far too easy for me to fork out daily for food I wasn’t even too excited about! I’ve started trying to have a breakfast in the mornings (this is a big step if you know me!) and bringing a packed lunch with me each day. It’s a small change to allow me to eat a little healthier while cutting down on my daily outgoings.
  2. 10 minute daily workout – at the moment I don’t have time to join a gym or register for fitness classes since it’s busy season in the auditors world. I am still keen however to fit in some sort of fitness plan into my lifestyle. I’ve decided on a 10 minute daily abs workout at the moment so let’s see how that goes! If you have any recommendations for videos I’d love to hear in the comments below. I know I won’t see results overnight but I think a little effort is better than none!
  3. Moving into a flat on my own in London – this admittedly is not a small change but definitely the change I am most excited and most looking forward to. This will be my first time living alone in London! My move date is early February so I definitely plan to share the journey over on my Snapchat Bec_Boop and Instagram Stories @Bec_Boop. Let me know if you would like to see a new room tour video over on my YouTube channel too! This is a perfect opportunity for me to do a New Year’s wardrobe clearout and I really can’t wait to get moved in and start setting up my new flat. I’m hoping to have a dedicated blogging space where I can set-up a little content creation corner too.
  4. Using a re-usable coffee cup – this is actually linked to my first point. As you all know BecBoop loves her coffee and I was buying up four takeaway coffees per day during my work week! I’ve decided to bring a re-usable coffee mug with me in the mornings for my morning coffee and as a plus I’ve noticed that some cafés in London offer discounted coffee when you bring your own cup! It also makes me happier to carry around a cute, personalised coffee cup!
  5. Reading more – It’s time I admitted that browsing articles on social media does not equate to ‘reading’. Growing up I always LOVED reading and this is something I want to rekindle in 2018. Currently I only find time to read e-books while travelling and this isn’t enough. At this stage I love reading business, blogging or inspirational books and I already have a list I want to get through. I’m also hoping reading will be an alternative way for me to take a short break each day and enjoy some me-time. Any good book recommendations? Let me know in the comments.


I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Are you making any small lifestyle changes in 2018?


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  1. Hey Bec, Walking is also good, can you go a bit longer way to the tube or to get home? I am check out an app called 8fit, not sure if you are on Samsung or apple

  2. Hi there Bec,

    This year I am making a point of reading more as well, along with trying something new every month! Love your post and pictures! 🙂

  3. happy new year Bec some great changes there eat healthy and save cash all for it, Own coffee cup spot on save on waste, Exercise that’s one for me as-well. more walking less driving. i wish you luck but i know you will achieve your goals.

  4. Happy New Year and congrats on your new home. My daughter moved into her first alone(plus 2 kitties) home and really loves it.. She wanted to save on food as well and started to cook on days off and then have good healthy food to pack for work. She has even tried the food prepared meals you bu,there’s different ones Blue Apron etc and really loved that.. look for coupons to use when ordering! Just some ideas. Wish you much luck and enjoy your new home.

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