FOREO Luna Sensitive Normal blog review

I like to think that my skin care routine is pretty simple, albeit incorporating specifically targeted skin care products. To date I had not used any electronic devices for exfoliating or cleansing as part of my daily routine. I will admit that when I first spotted the FOREO LUNA over on IntheFrow’s Blog last year I was tempted to try it out. Since then I have read some great reviews some of which contrast it to the popular Clarisonic, another product I am keen to try out. Before long the FOREO LUNA for sensitive/normal skin had made it’s way into my life and as a result my skincare routine changed for good!
FOREO Luna Sensitive Normal blog review
FOREO Luna Sensitive Normal blog review

How does the LUNA work?

The LUNA is a high-end facial cleansing brush and anti-ageing device. Using T-sonic pulsations the silicone touch points gently exfoliate dead skin cells and unclogs pores leading to better absorption of skin care products. The LUNA also has a unique anti-ageing feature incorporated into it’s design which aims to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and lead to firmer looking skin. 
You apply your cleanser as normal, then wet the LUNA and start it on cleansing-mode. Next you should gently rub the LUNA over your face in circular motions for 1 minute. 

My Thoughts

I have been using the the FOREO LUNA for sensitive/normal skin* on a daily basis and I really like it. I love that it is a no mess, efficient way to deep cleanse your skin every day. The charge is so long-lasting that you do not need to worry about constant re-charging. This also means that the LUNA is great for travel and on-the-go, which I tend to do a lot of. The cute design really appeals to me along with the fact that it is waterproof which allows for quick cleansing in the shower. My skin without a doubt has felt so much better for it’s use; clearer and brighter with my toner/moisturizer absorbing better than ever. The LUNA is definitely a game changer in my skin care routine and I would strongly recommend it to any of my readers thinking of investing in an electronic cleansing device.
The LUNA range has something to suit everyone including sensitive/normal skin (which I tried), the mini, combination skin and a LUNA for guys. 
FOREO Luna Sensitive Normal blog review


I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.  Let me know if you have tried any electronic cleansing devices and what were your thoughts. If you have any specific questions on the LUNA range just let me know.

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