Happy New Year guys! Sorry I am a little late coming back on here with my first post of 2016. There is an explanation….I took last week out to make some plans and figure out where I wanted to go this year with BecBoop. That and I got sucked into a new Netflix series which I have since finished! Anyhow, if you have caught up on my 2015 Year in Review blog post you will have an idea of where we are going. I found it a little tricky to set goals this year due to the fact that Periscope only came on the scene a few months into 2015 and it ended up shaping my year in so many ways. So I struggled to understand how to plan ahead when we never know what will spring into our lives. Let’s give it a go!

Blog Goals

I have had to cut back a small bit on daily blogging. Simply because I don’t have the time with work, live-streaming and general life! So I have decided to put out 3-4 solid pieces of content via BecBoop every week. This will be a mix of beauty, fashion trends, event coverage, London life and lifestyle posts which I hope you guys will find of interest. I am probably going to cut back on outfit posts as I don’t have a contact here in London to work with on style shoots my time is better invested elsewhere. Instead you will find my Oufit of the Day over on Instagram (@Bec_Boop). Fashion content will include trend predictions/reviews, styling tips and fashion show coverage. I am loving creating beauty blog posts so I’m going full steam ahead with this! I am not a makeup artist but like many, I am a girl who loves makeup! I’m also going to continue sharing my travel experiences and events here with you all. A lot of this is not new information but sometimes it is nice to reassess at the beginning of the year the specific areas you want to focus your blog on.
I have been living in London for nearly a year now and feel like I have learned so much about London life in this time which would have benefited me greatly had I known it earlier. I would love to share my experiences and tips here so I am hoping to create some London/city content which you might also enjoy.

Social Media

See you on Periscope (@BoopFashionista)! Need I say anymore 🙂 I don’t have any Periscope goals since the Boop Troop community is greater than anything I could ever have hoped for. My plan is to continue to have fun on Periscope and share my daily adventures with you all. I am also going to work as hard as I can to improve my Instagram stats and content. This seems to be the social media platform which brands are embracing as a priority when it comes to working with bloggers and since it is one I enjoy using I am going to try and grow it a little more. I have also found my twitter following growing consistently since I have been on Periscope, or maybe my tweets have been more interesting in recent months but anyways with over 5k followers there I am going to continue to use it to promote my blog and engage with brands/viewers/readers.


I really fell in love with travelling in 2016. I moved to a huge new city and travelled to many cities around the world for the first time through work, Periscope and vacation. I would love to see more of the world this year and am really looking forward to spending some more time in India in April as that was one of my highlights of 2015. 
I am also trying my very hardest to be as positive in life as I can. My daily coffee-scope on Periscope allows me to start my everyday with a smile amongst the kindest, most supportive viewers out there and for that I am so grateful. I have a lot of things to be grateful for and I am trying to focus on this rather than getting down about any negativity or worrying. Smiling my way through 2016 sounds like a fun approach 🙂
I am so excited to be living in London and I really love it here! I miss my dog a lot and my dream one day would be able to bring him here too so we could be reunited in cosy cuddles and love. That is my end goal.


I have always tried my best to give back and support worthwhile charities when I can. You might remember the various events and fashion shows I organised in Ireland to raise funds for charity and I have had the pleasure of supporting the Teenage Cancer Trust here in the UK through my blog. Behind the scenes I have been working on a very exciting venture which I am hoping will raise funds for a deserving charity over the next few months. Look out for more details on this over the next fortnight! 

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Let me know your hopes and wishes for 2016 and what you would like to see more of here on BecBoop.

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