My Sunday Night Pampering Routine

Sunday nights can be tough. We all dread that Monday morning feeling. So in order to combat that I tend to treat myself to a little skincare pampering routine come Sunday night. It’s the best feeling and it’s so nice to start the week feeling fresh and completely relaxed. These are my 5 favourite products to use when it comes to my Sunday night pampering routine.
bec boop sunday skincare routine blog

Lush | Comforter Bubble Bar 

bec boop sunday skincare routine blog
I’ll usually start my Sunday night pampering routine by running a nice bath. I’m such a busy-busy person so I try my best to take this time out at the end of the week away from social media and just relaxing alone with my thoughts. This is not easy of course given I’m a self-confessed twitter and periscope addict! I do try though. Of course Lush products are my absolute faves when it comes to bath-time. Due to the fact that this bubble-bar is super large it usually lasts for more than one bath. You simply crumble up to half of the bubble-bar under the running water for a foamy, fruity bath experience. I love the fresh, fruity scents – very comforting (hence the name I guess!).

The Body Shop | Warming Mineral Mask

bec boop sunday skincare routine blog
I love to indulge in a face mask during my Sunday night pampering routine and this one is my current favourite. I love that it’s a self-warming face mask and it instantly soothes your skin and warms it upon contact. The kaolin clay treatment makes for a deeply nourishing weekly treat for your skin.

Ren Skincare | Instant Firming Beauty Shot*

bec boop sunday skincare routine blog
Following the face mask application I will usually rub a few drops of the Ren Skincare Instant Firming Beauty Shot serum on to my face and neck. The rose scented serum is again the perfect relaxing skincare treatment for a Sunday night when you have a little more time to unwind. 

Soap & Glory | The Righteous Butter

bec boop sunday skincare routine blog

I will then lather myself unashamedly in Soap & Glory the Righteous Butter. This soufflé-feel body butter is very moisturising, with softening shea butter and aloe vera extracts to nourish your skin for the week ahead.

Vichy | Aqualia Thermal Rich

bec boop sunday skincare routine blog
The final step in my Sunday night pampering routine involves lashings of Vichy Skincare Aqualia Thermal Rich which is a very heavy moisturiser that works great as a night cream. It is very soothing and is really good for overnight hydration of the skin.

What does your Sunday night skincare routine usually look like? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Boop, I use the Righteous Body Butter as well. I just love it. Nd use it nightly. The Warmig Mineral Mask sounds Devine. I;m going to check it out. Love to know how long you’ve been using it, what benefits you’ve personally noticed,and where I can. Purchase it? Thank you for our lovely product photography and beautifully written Beauty blog

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