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Perfect nails are a necessity of mine. I always have either false nails or shellac/gel on my nails as regular nail polish chips far too quickly for my liking. Art Pro Nail got in touch recently as they wanted to design a custom Bec Boop set of nails. This certainly intrigued me. I love me some creativity and I could not wait to see what they were going to come up with.
Art Pro Nail UK Bec Boop review

Art Pro Nail

If you haven’t heard of Art Pro Nail before let me tell you a bit about them. Art Pro Nail are the sole UK distributor of these digital nail art printers and accessories. They have two state of the art models – V6.1 pro and V7+ Smart Portable Printer. Each model has hundreds of unique designs, an inbuilt camera and ability to print directly from your mobile device. The designs can be printed on to your own nails or onto a set of false nails/tips similar to the ones I received. This innovative technology has been crazy popular in the US and Asia and has only recently launched in the UK. 

The Process

The team at Art Pro Nails asked me to provide a little background as to Bec Boop’s favourite things. I replied with: Kingsley my dog, bows, Gossip Girl, coffee and Taylor Swift. I think that pretty much sums up my faves! Within a couple of days I had received my custom set of Art Pro Nails* and I was so surprised. I couldn’t believe it – Kingsley on my nails (he couldn’t believe it either and barked with excitement lol). Seriously though I love them! They are so Bec Boop and I’m really looking forward to wearing them out and about. I’m sure they will get a lot of attention and I’ve never seen anything like them before.

The Results

Using Art Pro Nail technology you can print any design, logo, image or pattern on-the-go. You can see for yourself the possibilities for being creative with your nail prints by taking a look at the pretty custom Bec Boop set. You could use these as a branding opportunity for your beauty blog or makeup artist logo. I think the possibilities are endless and your nails are always going to be one of the first thing noticed by the people you interact with on a daily basis. If you want to catch someones attention why not slap your logo on your nails? I can’t decide which of my custom nail designs is my favourite it’s a toss-up between Kingsley and I or Chuck and Blair.
Bec Boop's review of Art Pro Nail UK
Bec Boop's custom set of Art Pro Nails
I’d love to know what you would print on your custom Art Pro Nails?

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