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I’m so excited to announce that Bec Boop is taking part in the new American Eagle UK campaign – #AEODenimDiaries. The campaign is kicking off in both American Eagle UK stores (Westfield White City & Stratford City) from today and is all about “How do you Style your Denim?” My sister Stephanie and I are forever sharing our jeans and borrowing from each others wardrobe so I asked her to get in on the action when I was back home in Galway at the weekend. We’ve both been big American Eagle fans since when we visited America a few years ago so we couldn’t wait to get involved. We have shared our #AEODenimDiaries stories below and details of how we would style this pair of American Eagle jeans as part of the campaign. Read on to see how you can also get involved in the #AEODenimDiaries campaign.

Bec Boop Stephanie Casserly wearing American Eagle

Bec Boop

Bec Boop wearing American Eagle jeans
Detail of Bec Boop wearing american eagle
Bec Boop #aeodenimdiaries
Bec Boop #aeodenimdiaries detail
Bec Boop american eagle uk

Stephanie Casserly

Stephanie Casserly taking part in #AEODenimDiaries
Stephanie Casserly wearing Barbie outfit
Stephanie Casserly modelling in Galway
Stephanie Casserly modelling American Eagle jeans
Stephanie Casserly wearing American Eagle jeans
How do you style your denim? What do you do in your jeans? These are the questions we had to answer as part of the campaign. My go-to jeans are usually ripped style and I like to wear my jeans turned up at the end. This is generally because it’s hard to get short leg jeans (although American Eagle offer short leg *wooo*) and also because I believe it elongates the legs, just a little. Stephanie can’t resist a pair of super-skinny leg jeans. We love to hang out together wearing our favourite jeans doing our usual girly activities such as shopping, going on dates and heading on the town for a night out or going to an event. We both styled the same pair of American Eagle jegging jeans in our individual styles. When we think of jeans we think – Sister Power 🙂 We’re sisters. best friends and even though our style may be different we can still style the very same item in different ways. We’ve worn jeans to fashion events, Stephanie has often modelled jeans on the catwalk, we wear jeans hanging out together shopping or going on a night out. Jeans are the staple fashion item that can be taken from day to night by simply adding a pair of heels and a dressy top or some statement jewellery and are probably the one fashion item in every woman and man’s wardrobe!

Get Involved

To join in the #AEODenimDiaries story simply share a photo on instagram or twitter showing how you style your denim and tag the following: @AmericanEagleUK #AEODenimDiaries & #AmericanEagleUK. Tag Bec Boop too so I can check out your photos 🙂 (Twitter @Boopfashionista and Instagram @Bec_Boop).
American Eagles are the headline sponsor for the upcoming Future Fashion event in Westfield London (White City March 27th-29th and Stratford City April 2nd-4th). As part of this American Eagle will be running a video installation sharing their #AEODenimDiaries story showcasing their top influencers denim adventures and styling stories.

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